Sunday, 20 April 2008

Restoring faith in judicial system

Amde Sidik

I am no judge nor practicing lawyer at the moment. But I read law and I lecture law to students. And I am prompted to write this article as soon as I finished reading a sms from a friend asking about my views. His statement is this “Its Pak Lah who now reformed judiciary system back to be more dignified”

He was referring to the front page article in our national paper of the day which reads “ Trust and justice” Its about the present government efforts to heal the wound of the country's judicial system which was smeared in the aftermath of the sacking of five Supreme Court judges in 1988.

The fives judges were sacked because they didn't dance to the tune of the chief executive of the country of the day. That was the impression of the majority of learned or less learned people in the country. But only handful would made it known openly to general public by virtue of our cultural habit or because of fear of repercussion from the above

I know many wouldn't agree including the former chief executive I mentioned, after all the later already denied several times that he was not responsible in the sacking the judges.

Could this mean that others recommended to him, in turned, as matter of academic he advised the Agong. We all know constitutionally how Agong must come into the limelight. .

I must say that persons or group of persons making recommendation must be naive and with motives at the back of their mind because as far as I knew any body reads law knows where the defining boundary is. There is an inherent convention in applying natural justice. There is no rocky foundation but rather has an established procedures to achieve justice at least in the crudest sense of the word. I am referring to the process of seeking justice in Common Law scenario.

To date, I have not read any brilliant new ideas which can be more acceptable than what we already knew. In other words, those involved in the Inquiry such as this surely had broken the cardinal rules, they knew of what proper procedures are all about in establishing what fair and just as to why they did as they did. Only they can answer.

My assumption is there are those who needed most of the outcome of Inquiry for wrongly or rightly. The answer is the later which is obvious and must therefore favored of the government of the day?

Legalistically, in my view, to be seen fair and just, it would have been better to leave it to the natural process of the law- as natural as possible. Let it done in accordance with the conventional wisdom not creating a mockery to the highest level for profession which many consider noble. Because of this incident we were nearly called to be just a little less than applying law of the jungle.

This is a portion of long article. I wouldn't like to bore my readers, as this article is to appear in full in printed media-I wrote a few already, after the dismissal of the said judges, they turned out to be a near correct perceptions by majority- Thank you

See response:

Currently, Pak Lah is menggelabah~ing as a result of the tsunami. He seemed to be trying to appease the majority who had abandoned him to make them come back to him. While others are taking this opportunity to undo the past events that had been most unpopular especially during the Mahathir Era. He is running out of time, December seems to be the date for him to retire. As a "good" man he tried to potray himself, he is getting nowhere...Mahathir factor, Anwar factor, Agong Factor, Raja Perlis Factor, Samy Factor, UMNO factor, am No factor, Max Factor (ooops)...all seem to put him against the wall.
Can he do it? Seems a vertical climb. For example, can he appease all the demands of BN components in Sabah when he came here? JPPS, Illegals, petroleum % etc etc.... no way.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

See what you don’t see…

I was in the midst of writing this article when I received captions below sent by-friend- gmail group- I shall continue writing later in meantime this is the portion, just to let you know that I share the view…

I say-

If the country is really heading for democracy, which means going for social equality we cried for, the present government has to recognise that public media institutions, namely RTM and the rest of the public media agencies are by definition belonged to you and I- public, regardless who we voted for during the country’s General Election.

The bosses - officers and the employees who managed and employed in these institutions must at the same time realised, at least in their in mind that there is a dual carriage ways outside there. A few possibilities, one, assuming you don't like changes taking place in your working environment-where democratization is in the making. Its up to you to get out of the system, may be you think you can't live with the new system of administration. Because you were too used to work like you were for the last say, 40 years. Second, if you think you are not yet in full grasp of what democracy meant, don't worry there is still time to learn, if by then you wouldn't enjoy it, may be its just wise to hang on to it till you reach retirement age, or you may work elsewhere. But I can assure you, your next generation will appreciate for your tolerance and patient. They would understand better what democracy meant-because by then they would have read more books since you ask them to do so anyway-if you are the parents.

The gist is this, so long as RTM and public media agencies behave as they are now, we wouldn't expect democracy to be fully grown at a speed we want. People are fed with information only as much as the ruling party wanted it to be seen and read. I say, if the ruling party thinks these media agencies are theirs, why don't they allow the opposition party to have their own TVs and Radio Stations on their own, only then we could say the act is just and fair...amde

You do not see these pictures in our local newspapers.
Our public media controlled by BN government won’t show photos or news, so let it be our responsibility to spread and share those touching pictures with all our beloved Malaysians, Chinese, Indian and Malays alike-

Idrus al Haj

THESE ARE THE PICTURES THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED MEDIA WILL NEVER SHOW YOU IN THEIR PAPERS (See top and bottom picture). An explosive occurred on the 17th March 2008 at the Malayan Flour Mills premises at Lumut killing 3 persons and on the 18th March the new MB Ir Nizar and the DAP state Assemblyman Ngeh Koo Ham visited the family of the victims. Here are the pictures that will bring tears to your eyes!

MB Ir Nizar bersama ADUN DAP Ngeh Koo Ham melawat keluarga mangsa letupan kilang tepung Malayan Flour Mills di Manjung pada 18 March 2008.

Gambar MB Ir Nizar ketika meluangkan masa dirumah seorang dari 3 mangsa yang terbunuh, Lok Lai Keat, 51, dari Sitiawan, MB Ir Nizar yang boleh bertutur dalam dialek Mandarin, Hokkiien dan Cantonses turut memujuk anak mangsa Lok Min Yee, 10 yang meratapi kehilangan bapanya. ( gambar ini tidak mungkin tersiar di media arus perdana)

From Frisco Celestial

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Punching Opposition YB alright?

It’s incredible, the guy who punched YB is one of those ‘the organisers’ of the Regatta Lepa Motorcycle Convoy?

According to the report, Jimmy was just doing his duty to meeting Tawau Municipal Council officials with regard to complaint of parking space and closure of the road, when the big man lost patient and punched him on the chest.

Jimmy Wong is Sabah sole opposition Assemblyman from Sri Tanjung DAP, that doesn’t deserve him to be punched by this man linked to a big bike convoy

Jimmy should have reported to the police for record at least.

Every citizen should respect the law it doesn’t matter who he is.

According to sms I got from Jimmy the guy is a “BN sponsored”

I look at this is very serious matter. This is not an isolated case, we come across time and time again when one is associated or close friend with one in the authority he thinks the world is belonging to him alone.

Doesn’t this guy realise punching and injuring other fellow human is an offence. We have enough law to protect us; I think enforcing authority must not close their eyes just because the event is organized by the Government.

Our society should be thought more to respect the law of the country